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Written by Zames Chew
Posted on May 21, 2023

We can help you repair or replace your doorbell switch and chime if it has stopped working or has a problem. My team and I have been helping homeowners with their doorbell problems for the last seven years, and we would be happy to help you too.

The simplest way you can book an appointment for me or one of my colleagues to come down for a doorbell related repair is to send us a message on WhatsApp with a short description of the problem that you are facing.

On this page, I will tell you the first thing you should check when your doorbell stops working, then get straight to the price for our doorbell switch and doorbell chime repair and replacement service.

After that, I will explain more about the different problems that we see with doorbells, then explain how doorbells work so that you can understand what doorbell you have and how we might fix your problem.

Did you know wired doorbells need batteries?

Doorbell chime with leaking batteries and corrosion

Many of our customers, especially those who are new homeowners, are not aware that most wired doorbells need batteries to work.

Doorbells need batteries because its wires are not connected to the electrical distribution board in most properties.

Doorbell wires are usually connected only to the switch and chime. The batteries in the chime are what provides the doorbell chime with the energy to play a sound when your doorbell switch is pressed.

If your doorbell stopped working, try replacing the batteries at your doorbell chime (the box where the sound comes from) before you contact us for a repair.

How much does doorbell chime and switch repair and replacement cost?

If changing the batteries did not work, or the batteries have leaked and corroded the chime, please refer to the following for the cost of repair and replacement of the different components in your doorbell circuit.

Doorbell chime repair price

We can replace your existing doorbell chime with a new basic doorbell starting from $70 before transport.

Doorbell switch repair price

We can replace your doorbell switch with a new doorbell switch starting from $50 before transport.

Doorbell wiring repair price

We need to see a video of the route between your doorbell switch and doorbell chime in order to estimate how much it would cost to replace your doorbell wiring.

For a more accurate price, please send us an image of your existing doorbell through WhatsApp and tell us a bit more about what happened. We will let you know what we can do next and how much it will cost.

We can replace indoor and outdoor doorbell switches

Uninstalled weatherproof doorbell switch

We can replace both indoor and outdoor doorbell switches. The above image is the standard outdoor doorbell switch that we keep in stock, but if you need another type of outdoor doorbell we might be able to procure it from our suppliers. Send us an image and we will check.

Common doorbell problems we can repair

There are many reasons why might need to replace or repair your doorbell, but the following are the three most common that we see all the time. I have included a description of the problem, what might have caused it, and how to solve the problem so that you can have a working doorbell again.

A. Doorbell switch is broken

If your doorbell switch is broken, cracked, or stuck, contact to replace your doorbell rocker switch with a new doorbell switch.

If you want a specific design, send us an image of your existing (or desired) switch through WhatsApp and we will let you know whether we can match it.

B. Doorbell does not ring but everything looks ok

Problem: Your doorbell switch and chime appear to be in working condition, but the doorbell does not ring when the rocker switch is pressed.

Reason 1: Your doorbell switch mechanism is broken

Although your doorbell switch appears to be working, about three or four out of every 10 doorbells that we are called to take a look at have a broken doorbell switch mechanism where it does not complete the circuit when the doorbell switch is pressed.

Solution: Contact to come down to diagnose the problem, and if we find that your doorbell switch is the problem, replacing it should solve your problem.

Reason 2: Your doorbell chime is broken

As mentioned earlier on this page, a doorbell chime has batteries in it. If a battery is left inside your doorbell chime for too long, it might leak and cause the chime components to corrode and stop working. This is what happens in the another three or four out of 10 doorbells that we help our customers with.

Solution: Contact to come down to diagnose the problem, and if we find that your doorbell chime is the problem, replacing it should solve your problem.

Reason 3: Both your doorbell switch and chime is broken

When a doorbell switch stops working and is not replaced for a long time, and the batteries in the doorbell chime is not removed, the batteries might start to leak and corrode the components in the chime.

We see this problem at every four or five out of 10 doorbell repair and replacement customer.

Solution: You need to replace both your doorbell chime and doorbell switch in order to get your doorbell working again. When you contact us, we will make sure that both components are actually broken before we replace them.

Reason 4: Your doorbell wiring is broken

I have only seen broken doorbell wires twice myself in the last seven years. The first was in an old landed house that had its wires bitten by rodents, and the second was in a condominium that had its wires drilled into when a handyman was helping the customer hang their family pictures.

Because doorbells use only a small amount of current, unless something external damaged its wires, it is highly unlikely that the wire would become need to be repaired or replaced even after many decades.

But that is not to say that it never happens. If you think that your doorbell wires might be broken, send us a WhatsApp message and tell us more about what happened. We will let you know what we can do.

How does a doorbell work?

Wired doorbells have three components, the doorbell switch, doorbell wiring, and doorbell chime. If you want to learn more about doorbells, I have written an article about how a doorbell works.


We can help you with almost any problem you might have with your doorbell, and our pricing starts at $50 before transport for a simple doorbell switch replacement.

If you need advice about your doorbell and you are not sure what to do next, you can send a message to our team at any time through WhatsApp.

Our operating schedule is Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but we try to answer messages outside our working hours when we have the time. Talk to you soon!

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