Ceiling Fan Repair Services Singapore

If you are facing issues with your ceiling fan, we can help. Whether you need your ceiling fan repaired or replaced, contact us now for a price quote.

Why get ceiling fan repair services?

Ceiling fans may require repair for a variety of reasons. The usual problems our repairmen are approached with are a fan that doesn’t turn on, excessive wobbling, grinding noises and blown lighting. The main component in a ceiling fan is the motor, however, problems may also be caused by the electrical wiring, on/off switch, and bolts securing your fan to the ceiling.

Do note that if the fan motor is faulty, it is usually not cost-effective to have it repaired. This is because the motor is usually proprietary to the manufacturer, and parts for it cannot be purchased from third parties to carry out repairs. Also, the motor is usually secured directly to the fan body, making repairs very labour intensive, and hence expensive. It would be cheaper to replace the fan than repair it in this scenario.

If you are not sure whether to get your fan repaired or replaced, our electricians are happy to provide you some guidance. Get in touch with our team for a recommendation on the available solutions for your ceiling fan, no obligation whatsoever.

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