Solve Power Trip Service Singapore

Power trips protect an electrical circuit from a current overload or short circuit. If your circuit breakers have tripped and you are unable to reset them, contact our electricians now for assistance.

How are power trips diagnosed and resolved?

When a circuit breaker detects any of the two situations, called a fault condition, its contacts open to interrupt the circuit, causing a power trip. Many things can result in this condition. Some examples are faulty appliances, overloaded outlets, deteriorated wiring, ground faults, and arc faults.

If you find that the circuit breaker trips again immediately after resetting it, there are two possible reasons. First, the circuit breaker still detects a fault condition, so it will not allow the power turn back on until the problem is fixed. This prevents the risk of electrocution and fires. Second, the circuit breaker needs to be replaced due to wear. Regardless of the scenario, our emergency electricians can safely get your power back on. Get in touch with us now for a free quotation and estimate on our arrival time.

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