Emergency Electrician Services Singapore

If you are facing an electrical emergency and require an electrician on the same day, contact us now for information on our availability and a quote.

About our emergency electrical services

Electrical emergencies can occur at the worst moments, but when they do, an emergency electricians can assist you in solving the problem on the same day. Our electricians serve customers small and large, wherever they may be located across Singapore. Common requests we receive are to solve constant power tripping, burnt sockets and wiring, sparking isolators and switches, and melted circuit breakers.

Please note that while we are able to provide same-day (based on availability) and next-day service, our electricians do not currently offer 24 hour emergency service.

If you require assistance from our emergency electricians, or would like more information regarding our services and rates, please contact us through WhatsApp message or phone call. There is no obligation to book a service with our team, so feel free to speak to us regarding your electrical needs to understand more about our service. If you find that we can help you, we can then proceed to arrange an appointment.

Emergency electrician for circuit breaker power trip

Power trips protect an electrical circuit from a current overload or short circuit. When a circuit breaker detects any of the two situations, called a fault condition, its contacts open to interrupt the circuit, causing a power trip. Many things that can result in this condition. Some examples are faulty appliances, overloaded outlets, deteriorated wiring, ground faults, and arc faults.

If you find that the circuit breaker trips again immediately after resetting it, there are two possible reasons. First, the circuit breaker still detects a fault condition, so it will not allow the power turn back on until the problem is fixed. This prevents the risk of electrocution and fires. Second, the circuit breaker needs to be replaced due to wear. Regardless of the scenario, our emergency electricians can safely get your power back on. Get in touch with us now for a free quotation and estimate on our arrival time.

Emergency for melted, burnt or sparking electrical fittings

When you find that your electrical fittings are melted, burnt, or sparking, immediately turn off the circuit. It should then be checked by an emergency electrician at the earliest. Our emergency electricians are able to diagnose the issue and restore your electrical fittings to its original state at an affordable price. There are three main reasons why an electrical fitting sparks, melts, or catches fire: Poor electrical connections, overloaded circuits, and faulty wiring. These result in two problems.

Problem one, the circuit allows an electrical current to travel along an unintended path, resulting in a dangerous surge in current, also known as a short circuit. This produces a dangerous spark and/or a rapid increase in temperature that may result in melting or burning. Problem two, the power drawn through a circuit crosses safe limits, causing excessive heating in a wire and electrical fitting, melting both. Whichever the case, contact our team now for a friendly discussion and get a no-obligation quotation for the repair.

Emergency for burning smell from wiring and electrical fittings

Overloads and short circuits are the two most likely causes of a burning smell. When an electrical circuit draws more power than it can handle, an overload is caused. When this happens, circuit breakers should trip to prevent overheating, however, it may not happen in some circumstances. If an overloaded circuit is allowed to continue drawing electricity, it will begin to overheat, melting the safety insulation around the wire.

The smell of burning rubber or plastic is an indication of a potential fire hazard. If possible, turn off the breaker for the circuit that the smell originates from and have the issue checked out by an emergency electrician at once. For assistance and more details regarding our service and rates, please reach out to our emergency team, we would be happy to assist you.

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