Power Socket Outlet Installation Services Singapore

Power outlets are used to power lighting, appliances, and devices. If you need a new electrical point installed or an old one replaced, contact our electricians now for an affordable price quote.

Why get power point installation service?

Power sockets keep our appliances running and devices charged-up for the day. Nowadays, with each person owning so many devices, the number of power points available in most rooms is simply not enough. Instead of relying on messy extension plugs and cables to solve the problem, there is a better long-term solution. By installing new electrical outlets, you not only unclutter your living/working space, but also make getting a charge easy and convenient for years to come.

Electrical outlets come in a variety of sizes and forms. In stock, we have simple basic electrical sockets, outlets with USB charging, and many more. They come in multiple colours and materials too. Our power sockets installation service is fairly priced, so get in contact with our electricians for a friendly discussion and obligation-free quotation today.

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