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Our electrician can help you repair and replace your switched socket outlets (SSO) when they stop working as they should. We replace thousands of sockets every year, and have helped more than 15,000 happy customers.

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You do not have to purchase your own socket beforehand, we keep single and double sockets, as well as switches, on hand at all times. Power sockets usually deteriorate over time from poor connections and general wear and tear.

Why sockets break

A poor connection can occur when the wires attached to the socket become dislodged or disconnected over time, which can lead to arcing and overheating, and eventually a complete failure of the socket. It could also become a fire hazard. This is more common with low quality power socket brands.

Wear and tear, on the other hand, is a natural process that occurs over time due to the consistent use of the socket. This can lead to physical damage such as cracks in the socket casing, or internal issues like the breakdown of the socket's electrical components, both of which can cause the socket to malfunction or break.

Some signs that you might need power socket replacement even though your outlet is still working are the presence of buzzing noises, visible sparks, burnt plastic smell, or a cracked case.

Can we repair instead of replace?

Electrical sockets typically have a non-serviceable design, meaning that it is generally not feasible to repair or replace small components within the socket. This design approach is due to the intricate and compact nature of the socket's internal components, which are often inaccessible or extremely difficult to manipulate without specialized knowledge and tools.

As a result, when a socket malfunctions, the most common and cost-effective solution is a electrcial socket replacement rather than attempting to repair it. This is because electrical sockets are usually sold as complete sets, and the cost of a new set is often less than the labour and materials required for a repair.

Types of sockets

Sockets come in various types, including plastic, weatherproof, and metal. Plastic sockets, often used in indoor applications, are lightweight, cost-effective, and resistant to corrosion but may not withstand high temperatures or heavy-duty use.

Weatherproof sockets are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, featuring design elements like gaskets and seals to prevent moisture ingress, making them suitable for use in gardens, patios, or any outdoor installations.

Metal sockets, typically made from materials like steel or brass, are highly durable and can withstand tougher conditions, making them suitable for industrial or high-traffic environments.

Each type of socket has its unique benefits and is used based on the specific requirements of the electrical installation. We can help you repair and replace all types of power sockets.


In Singapore, the standard electrical plug is the Type G plug, colloquially known as the British three-pin or the 13A plug. This plug type features three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern and includes an integral fuse, typically rated up to 13A.

The built-in fuse allows the plug to protect the appliance and the electrical circuit from damage due to overcurrent. These plugs sometime burn or become damaged together with the electrical outlet. If that happened in your case, we can help replace the plug too!


In Singapore, electrical sockets are considered as controlled goods under the purview of the Consumer Product Safety Office, a division of the Enterprise Singapore. This categorization means that they must carry the SAFETY Mark, to signify that they have met specific safety standards before they can be sold or supplied within the country. All electrical sockets we supply and replace carry a SAFETY Mark.

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