Power Socket Outlet Repair Singapore

Power outlets are essential in every property. It is frustrating when they stop working or become problematic. If you need your sockets repaired, contact our team now for a price quote.

Why get power point repair services?

Power sockets are very sturdy and last a long time, so if your power outlet stops working, the cause may not be the outlet itself. Some common causes of a non-functional outlet could be a tripped breaker, faulty wiring, or a loose connection. Other reasons you may require electrical socket repair may be the signs of wear such as the presence of buzzing noises, visible sparks, burnt plastic smell, or a cracked case.

In some cases, a power point can be fully restored without having to touch the socket at all. However, most of the time, a full replacement of the entire power outlet is necessary. The reason is that a weak connection or defective wiring, which is the usual cause a spoilt socket, usually causes excessive heat to be generated. This heat damages other components of the socket, and could lead to future issues and in some cases, a fire hazard.

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