Switch Installation Services Singapore

Switches control the flow of electricity to lighting and other appliances. If you need to install a new switch or replace an old switch, contact us now for a quote.

Why get switch installation service?

Switches regulate the flow of current in an electrical circuit, and are placed at convenient areas of a room to control like lights, appliances, and water heaters. When new fixtures such as lighting, or appliances such as water heaters are installed, they have to be linked up to a new switch. If you need a switch installed or the old ones replaced, our team can help.

There are multiple types of switches that we work with. In stock, we have one way switches, multi gang switches, multiway switches, slide switches, and dimming switches, just to name a few. These switches come in a variety of designs and materials, from simple plastic to modern glass. Speak to our team for more information on the switches and receive a free quotation for the service.

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