Switch Repair Services Singapore

Electrical switches are extremely durable, but like all mechanical components, they wear down and degrade over time. If you have a broken or old switch you would like replaced, contact us now for a quote.

Why get switch repair services?

When a switch is broken, it either does not carry out its function properly, or may be dangerous to use.

There are three common reasons you may want a switch repaired or replaced. First, it does not complete the circuit when you flip the switch, rendering the appliance linked to the switch useless. This can be especially frustrating if that appliance is a ceiling fan or a water heater. Second, the switch itself is a hazard due to cracks, sparking, buzzing, or a burning smell. If this is the case, it is best you replace the switch entirely as it may be a fire risk. Third, your circuit breakers trip every time you flip the switch.

If you’re facing one of the above scenarios, give our electricians a call, we can get straight to the root of the issue and leave you with a safe and fully functional electrical switch you can count on for many years to come.

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