This page for customers who we have had the opportunity to help with a product or service. You can find out the warranty terms and duration for what we have done for you broken down into clear sections below.

If we helped you install a product that we also supplied

Unless otherwise stated, you should have a one-year warranty for components that we supplied in the process of solving a certain problem that you faced.

When you purchase from us and have us install, for example, a Philips LED ceiling light, we provide you a one-year warranty on everything that we supplied and installed.

If your Philips ceiling light stops working less than one-year after we installed it, and we find that the cause of the problem is, for example, a faulty LED module, we will repair or replace the faulty component at no cost to you.

But if your Philips ceiling light stops working less than one-year after we installed it, and we find that the cause of the problem is a broken switch that we did not replace, you will have to pay for the repair of the switch as well as any other fees associated with the repair.

If we helped you install a product that you purchased

We cannot provide a warranty on products that you purchased because we cannot guarantee the quality of a product that we did not purchase ourselves.

When we install, for example, a ceiling light that you purchased from another seller, we do not take responsibility for the condition or operation of the product.

If the problem we helped you with was that of circuit breakers tripping

This one is a bit nuanced, so you have to check with us directly, but generally speaking, we provide a warranty on the thing that was done, but not on circuit breakers tripping.

Circuit breakers trip when there is a fault somewhere in the electrical circuit, and there are a lot of things that can cause that to happen.

When we find that your circuit breakers trip because of a faulty socket, and we replaced that socket to stop the circuit breakers from tripping. We can provide you with a warranty on the socket, but not the act of a circuit breaker tripping.

If we only helped you solve part of a problem with your permission because the full solution would have been too expensive for the context

In cases where we've worked on only part of a problem due to budget constraints, our warranty can be a little different. To ensure we're all on the same page, let's illustrate this with an example.

Suppose you have an old faulty tube light fitting in your home which was flickering. The ideal solution would be to replace all the ageing parts or replace the entire fitting, but considering the expenses involved, you preferred to only replace the ballast connected to the light tube.

In such scenarios, our warranty only covers the specific part of the work we've done. So, if we replaced the ballast connected to the flickering lights, we provide a one-year warranty on the ballast.

If, down the line, your lights stop working because of a part we didn't replace, our warranty doesn't cover that. Any additional work needed outside of the work we originally did would be chargeable if you wanted us to come down to get it fixed.

To conclude

We wrote this to be transparent about what our warranties cover so that you know exactly what to expect.

If you are not able to find the answer you were looking for, our staff would be happy to personally answer your questions through text message, phone call or email. Navigate to our contact page to find our contact information.

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