Cabinet Hinge Repair / Replacement Service

Our handyman can help you repair and replace your cabinet hinges, including those for wooden, aluminum, and glass cabinets, as well as wardrobes. We keep on hand many types of standard and stainless steel hinges, including soft-closing and concealed hinges. Our service comes at a reasonable price with a one-year warranty.

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Common problems we see with cabinet hignes are loosening due wood expansion, rusting from exposure to moisture, and failure of its soft-closing hydraulic damper from wear and tear.

Our handyman replaces worn and damaged hinges and installs stainless steel support plates to fix cabinet hinge problems. He also realigns the doors to ensure everything functions as if it were brand new.

Soft close cabinet hinges

Soft close cabinet hinges are a type of hardware used in cabinetry to ensure a smooth and controlled closure of cabinet doors. These hinges are equipped with a built-in mechanism, often a hydraulic damper, that absorbs the energy from the closing door, thereby preventing it from slamming shut. The hydraulic damper functions by using fluid resistance to slow down the speed at which the door closes, resulting in a gentle and quiet closure.

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