Light Repair / Replacement Service Singapore

If you’d like to save yourself the headache of carrying out lighting repairs yourself, or would like to replace your lighting fixture with something modern, our electricians can help. Contact us now for a quote.

Light Repair Singapore

Light repair and replacement are one of our staple services. We can let you know our affordable prices and availability as soon as you send our team a photo of your problematic light or describe it to us over the phone. We can usually come on the same day or next day because we have five service teams.

Light bulbs and tubes have to be replaced every few years when they fuse, however, repairing a faulty light may not be as simple as replacing it with a new bulb. Each light has four main points of failure, the bulb, the switch, the ballast and the wiring. Some tell-tale signs that the issue you’re facing may be more than a simple blown bulb are flickering lights, aging home wiring, and your bulbs being relatively new.

Our rates are fair and affordable, and we can get your lights back on as soon as today. Get in touch with our team and let us know what you need fixed, we’ll let you know the charges and timeline, then you can decide if you would like to proceed to book our electrician.

Light types we can repair

  • Standard ceiling lights
  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Wall lights
  • Tube lights
  • Many more

Light Replacement Singapore

We recommend to replace older lights with new lights when the old lights run use fluorescent or incandescent light sources. Parts such as magnetic ballasts and tube lamp holders are hard to come by and difficult to replace because the plastic holding the fixture together is old and brittle and the parts are no longer being produced. We carry high quality Philips LED lights and fixtures at direct supplier prices you can consider.

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