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Written by Zames Chew
Posted on May 26, 2023

Light switches are devices that connect and disconnect your lights and ceiling fans from electricity to turn them on and off. When these switches stop working or have a problem, it could mean that your lights cannot be turned on or off in your room.

We can help you repair or replace your light switches as soon as later today, and you can ask about our prices and availability through a simple WhatsApp message that will be answered by me or my one of my colleagues.

Just send us an image of your switch and tell us a bit more about the problem that you are facing with it, then we will let you know how we can proceed from there on.

If you want to learn more about our service and the reasons your light switch might have stopped working, continue reading this article.

Key takeaways

  • Switch repair and replacement starts at $45 before transport
  • You can get an exact price for switch repair through WhatsApp
  • The solution to most light switch problems is replacing the switch
  • Many customers replace their old light switches to modernise their homes

How much light switch repair costs

Our light switch repair and replacement service starts at $45 before transport. This price includes us supplying the switch so you do not have to buy one yourself.

The price might be higher or lower depending on the number and type of switches you need to replace. We can provide you with an exact quote before we come down if you send us images of the switches that you want to replace.

Why we replace instead of repair light switches

When a customer comes to us with a light switch related problem, we usually recommend replacing the entire switch. Some customers would ask us why we cannot replace just one button on a switch, since only one out of say for example four buttons are broken.

The first of two reasons is that most switches are supplied to us as a set, we cannot buy just the part of a switch that is broken. And since it would be just as difficult to replace one part on a switch as it is to replace the entire switch, we replace the entire switch.

The second reason is because we cannot provide you with a warranty on a switch that we did not install ourselves. If we replace just one part of an old switch, we cannot guarantee that the switch will continue to work throughout our standard warranty period. But if we replace the entire switch, we trust our skills and product quality to last our customer a long time, so we can provide a warranty.

Let's diagnose your light switch problem

Like I mentioned on our light repair services page, when a light stops working, it is not always because the switch needs replacing. Sometimes it is the light or the wiring that is faulty.

But either way, our electricians can help you diagnose and resolve the problem that you are facing. The next two sections tells what you should do based on the problem that you are facing with your light switch.

If your light switch is broken, feels hot to the touch, or is buzzing and sparking...

Then you should do is replace your light switch, because these problems are the result of some sort of damage to your switch. And a switch that is hot or sparking likely has a loose connection, which can cause its internal components to melt or burn.

If any metal is visible on your loose, cracked, or broken switch, please stop using the switch to protect yourself from an electric shock. I was once shocked by the cover of a metal switch because it was not properly earthed. It was not a good experience.

If your light switch does not turn on the lights, or causes your circuit breakers to trip...

Then you should contact us on WhatsApp to arrange for us to come down to diagnose the problem. When these problems occur, the cause might not be the switch, and we do not want to charge you for a switch replacement if that is not what you need.

If you can tell us a bit more about your switch and light, we might be able to diagnose it without first coming down to your place. But to list a few possible reasons, instead of a faulty light switch, you might have a faulty light bulb, light ballast/driver/transformer, or wiring.

We also have customers who replace all of their switches and sockets to modernise their homes

We also have many customers who reach out to us to help replace all of the switches and sockets inside their homes to modernise the look of where they live. They also want to stop dealing with switches and sockets breaking every few months because their property is old and things are starting to give way.

Even a change in the sockets and switches can make a big difference to the outlook of a property. And during this process we also help customers install new sockets where they might need to plug in more appliances so they do not have to worry about extension cords.

If you have a specific type of switch or socket in mind, we can help you purchase and install them so you do not have to do anything. Please WhatsApp us for more information about this service.

If you want to learn more about light switches...

If you are a geek and want to learn more about light switches, how they work, and other interesting things about them, I have written a detailed article that discusses the different aspects of the light switch.

It does not only cover the basic function and operation of light switches but also goes into more advanced topics like different switch types, their advantages, and more. It is perfect for anyone who wants to be more informed, whether you are a homeowner keen to understand more about your electrical system or a DIY enthusiast wanting to enhance your knowledge.


We can help you with almost any problem you might have with your light switch, and our pricing starts at $45 before transport for a light switch replacement.

If you need advice about your light switch or you are not sure what to do next, you can send a message to our team at any time through WhatsApp.

Our operating schedule is Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but we try to answer messages outside our working hours when we have the time. Talk to you soon!

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