Bidet toilet seat with installation

Our plumbers can supply and install bidet toilet seats equipped with dual washing modes. The rear wash mode provides a more robust cleaning, suitable for all users. There lady wash spray is tailored for female users, offering a gentler wash that focuses on hygiene and comfort.

Why we decided to sell this product

As Singapore plumbers, we have helped many customers install bidet toilet seats that they have purchased online.

About the bidet toilet seat

They operate mechanically and do not require electrical connections, making them suitable for installation in bathrooms without convenient power outlets. The design of bidet toilet seats is varied to accommodate different toilet shapes including D-shaped, oval-shaped, and V-shaped bowls. This diversity ensures compatibility with most existing toilet configurations.

An additional feature of these seats is the soft close mechanism. This mechanism prevents the toilet seat from slamming shut, thereby reducing noise and enhancing safety by preventing abrupt closures. The seats are supplied with longer screws or bolts to secure them firmly, and an 80 cm stainless steel hose is provided for connection. The hose includes a one-sided 90-degree bend to simplify the installation process and ensure a reliable fit.

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