Bottle Trap Replacement and Repair Service in Singapore

A bottle trap is a important plumbing fixture located under sinks to prevent sewer gases from entering your property. Over time, bottle traps can experience wear and tear or become choked, leading to leaks under your sink or unpleasant smells entering your kitchen or bathroom. Our plumbers can help you address these issues with our bottle trap replacement and repair services.

Bottle trap replacement services

When replacing a bottle trap, our plumbers begin by assessing the current state of the fixture, checking for any signs of damage or wear. Metal bottle traps are prone to corrosion and the rubber gasket of plastic bottle traps become brittle over time.

Bottle trap replacements are usually straightforward, but we usually also remove the connect drain fixture and recommend cleaning or replacing the surrounding drain pipes to make sure that the sink can drain as if it were brand new after the replacement. We feel like replacing just the bottle trap is like doing an incomplete job.

Bottle trap repair Services

Repairing a bottle trap often involves clearing clogs and fixing leaks. Our plumbers use special tools to remove blockages that can cause slow drainage or backups. Small leaks in the bottle trap can sometimes be sealed without needing a full replacement, but we prefer to replace the entire bottle trap because it does not cost much more but gives you a more resiliant solution.

Why choose our plumbers?

Our trained plumbers can resolve your bottle trap problems quickly using high-quality replacement parts that we back with a one-year warranty. This not only saves you time and effort but also makes sure you have a long-lasting solution.

Cost of Services

The cost of bottle trap replacement and repair services in Singapore varies based on the complexity of the job and the materials used. On average, prices range from SGD 90 to SGD 200 depending on the type and material of bottle trap.

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