Changed shower head because of leak

Shower head replacement service

Our customers usually come to our plumbers to change their shower heads when it is leaking water or has low water pressure or flow because of a build up of mineral deposits over time. Other common reasons are damage and grime on the shower head. We carry both normal shower heads that are connected to a flexible hose and rain shower heads that are mounted to the ceiling or wall.

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What type of shower heads we can supply and replace

The shower heads we have are constructed from a range of materials including plastic, stainless steel, brass, and chrome. Many shower heads also incorporate a mechanism to adjust the water pressure and spray pattern, usually by rotating the outer shell or an internal valve.

Some models also include additional features such as a water filter, but we usually recommend that our customers install basic shower heads for simplicity. We can also replace shower head holders.

Rain shower head after replacement

Why do shower heads leak

Shower heads usually leak at the connection point between the hose and the shower head, where there are plastic or metal threads and rubber gaskets to maintain a water-tight connection between the two components. Wear and tear and accidental damage can compromise this seal and allow water to leak out.

When either parts are damaged, we recommend replacing the shower head and hose because these parts are not made to be repairable. We can advise you further if you can send us a video of the problem you are facing with your shower head.

We can change your shower hose too

We can also help you with shower hose replacement at the same time for a small additional charge, so that the dirt from within the old flexible metal or plastic hose does not clog the new shower head.

If you need a shower hose with a special colour such as grey, matte black, or even gold, we usually have ready stock of those in our warehouse, but please let us know when you request for the shower head and hose replacement service.

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Last updated by Zames Chew on July 16, 2024