Exhaust Ventilation Fan Installation Singapore

Get a new exhaust ventilation fan installed in your property for better kitchen or toilet air circulation. Contact our electricians now for a price quotation.

Why get exhaust ventilation fan installation services?

We supply and install ventilation fans for ceilings and windows in homes, offices, kitchens, and factories to improve air quality and prevent mould growth.

When you choose us to install your ventilation fan, you will receive an easy and affordable installation service from our technicians as soon as the next working day.

How a ventilation fan affects your quality of life

Ventilation exhaust fans move stale air out of indoor spaces and replenish it with fresh outdoor air, making indoor air safer and more comfortable to breathe.

We often find ventilation fans installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and manufacturing rooms because these spaces usually have lower air quality. Poor air quality harms our physical and mental health and can make it challenging to stay focused and energised throughout the day.

Ventilation fans we install

We have a range of ventilation fans that covers almost all purposes. Our ventilation fans are affordable, practical, and durable and come with a workmanship and product warranty.

Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fans

Ceiling mounted ventilation fans are common in bathrooms and rooms without an accessible window. These ventilation fans extract air through an aluminium air duct that leads to the outside.

Window Mounted Ventilation Fans

We can install most but not all window-mounted ventilation fans because we do not cut glass or fabricate windows. We install window mounted ventilation fans on a custom fabricated acrylic board mounted on the window frame.

Which ventilation fan for you

For a ventilation fan to be effective, the type and size installed has to be correct. Let our electricians know where you need the exhaust fan installed, provide us with a few photos or a video, and we'll recommend you the best solution available for your space.

Why install a bathroom ventilation fan

Ventilation fans remove odour from a bathroom, but their primary purpose is to extract warm and moist air after a shower to prevent mould growth. This is especially important in smaller bathrooms, which can quickly become humid and uncomfortable without proper ventilation. The lack of proper ventilation can also lead to mould growth, which can cause health problems.

After installing an exhaust fan, there will be better air circulation in a room. This is because the fan ensures that bad air is continuously being expelled from the room when it is runnning, ensuring that there is a continuous supply of fresh air for its occupants. The circulating air also reduces the moisture level in a room, preventing the growth of fungi such as mould and mildew, making it a perfect product for enclosed bathrooms and toilets.

How to proceed from here

Speak to our electricians now for an easy and friendly discussion regarding the installation of new ventilation fans, and receive a no-oligation quotation for your consideration.

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