Water Heater Switch Repair / Replacement Service

Written by Zames Chew
Posted on May 17, 2023

On average over the last five years, we have repaired or replaced more than one water heater switch every day. And we can help you if your water heater switch has stopped working or has a problem as soon as in the next few hours.

The simplest way you can book an appointment for us to come down for a water heater switch repair is to send us a message on WhatsApp with an image of your switch and a short description of your problem.

In this article, I will first talk about our pricing for our heater switch repair and replacement service, then explain the different problems you might face and the solution, then finally I will briefly go over what a heater switch is.

How much does water heater switch repair and replacement cost?

We can replace your existing switch with a brand new 20 A double pole water heater switch with indicator light starting from $60 before transport.

However, the cost may be more or less depending on the condition of your switch and if any additional services are required to complete the repair in a safe manner.

Please send us an image of your existing water heater switch through WhatsApp and tell us a bit more about what happened. We will let you know what we can do next and how much it will cost.

We will also let you know when is the soonest day and time that we can come to repair your water heater switch.

Common water heater switch problems we can repair

There are many reasons why might need to replace or repair your water heater switch, but the following are the three most common that we see all the time. I have included a description of the problem, what might have caused it, and how to solve the problem so that you can have a working water heater again.

Water heater does not turn on

Problem: Your water heater does not turn on and produce hot water even with the water heater switch turned on.

Diagnosis 1: If the light on your water heater switch does not turn on when the switch in the on position, it is likely that your water heater is working but your water heater switch is broken.

Solution 1: Contact Repairs.sg for our water heater switch replacement service to replace your switch and check that the wires are in good condition to restore power to your water heater.

Diagnosis 2: If the light on your water heater switch does turn on when the switch in the on position, but there is not hot water coming out of your water heater, it is likely that the water heater is broken.

Solution 2: Contact Repairs.sg for our water heater repair or replacement service and send us a video of your existing water heater and water heater switch. We cannot repair all water heaters at this time, but we can at least point you in the right direction.

Water heater switch is hot, sparking, or has a smell

Problem: Your water heater switch is hot to the touch, makes a sparking noise when you turn it on, or gives off the smell of burnt plastic.

Diagnosis: This can be caused by a broken mechanism or a loose connection resulting in excessive electrical resistance. The resistance produces heat which can melt the wires and produce a smell, and the loose connection can cause electricity to jump from wire to wire and produce sparks.

Solution: Contact Repairs.sg for a switch replacement service. We will make sure to trim off any burnt wires and make sure that the wires are in good condition for your safety.

Circuit breaker trips when the heater switch is turned on

Problem: When you turn on your water heater switch, your circuit breaker trips and causes the electricity to be shut off in your property.

Diagnosis: This is usually caused by a faulty heating element inside your water heater, but can be the result of a faulty water heater switch or wiring.

Solution 2: Contact Repairs.sg and send us a video of your existing water heater and water heater switch. We will try to determine if the problem is caused by your water heater or switch then proceed from there.

What is a water heater switch

A water heater switch is not the same as a standard light switch. It has more wires connected to it, can handle more electrical current, and has additional safety mechanisms to protect you from an electric shock when using your water heater. The following points describe how a water heater switch compares to a normal light switch:

  • Water heater switches are double-pole switches, while normal light switches are single-pole switches.
  • Water heater switches can handle a load of at least 20 amperes of electricity, while a normal switch can only handle about 13 amperes of electricity.
  • Water heater switches have an indicator light to show if the switch is on or off. This light is sometimes called a "neon" or "LED".


We can help you with almost any problem you might have with your water heater switch. Our pricing starts at $60 before transport for our water heater switch repair service, and it includes at least a visual inspection of your wires to make sure that your switch is safe to use.

You can send a message to our team at any time through WhatsApp if you have any questions about our products or services. Our operating schedule is Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but we try to answer messages outside our working hours when we have the time. Talk to you soon!

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