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Our affordable aircon servicing, repair, maintenance and installation services are trusted by thousands of homeowners and companies in Singapore.

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What aircon services do you need today?

Aircon Company Singapore takes care of the air-conditioning in your property. All aircon services are carried out by our friendly, experienced and well-mannered aircon technicians. For more information, please navigate to the page on our website which best suits your current requirements. Alternatively, you may talk to our friendly aircon service coordinators now for more information, or to make a service booking.

Our company's aircon division currently offers multiple maintenance and installation services. These aircon services are catered to both home and business owners. Read on below for a short description of these services.

Aircon Servicing Singapore

It is important to have your air-conditioner serviced regularly in order to maintain optimal performance and prolong its lifespan. Three common signs that your aircon is in need of servicing are a lack of cool air being blown, water leaking from the unit, and foul odours being emitted.

Aircon Installation Singapore

Get a new aircon installed at an affordable price. Our company has aircon installation packages for standard wall-mounted split system air-conditioners, and commercial ceiling cassette air-conditioners. The whole installation process is managed by our team, saving you time and hassle. Our company will supply the aircon unit of your choice and have it installed professionally with high quality materials.

Aircon Repair Singapore

When your aircon stops working properly, we can repair it. Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose and resolve problems such as but not limited to water leaks, odd noises, foul odours and incorrect temperature. As aircon repair costs vary from case-to-case, the staff tending to you will take the time to explain to you the problem that requires repair, and inform you of the repair price after the diagnosis is complete. We will not proceed with repair works without your approval on the price.

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