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Jude Law

They installed my ventilation fan in the toilets, was fast and efficient in arranging things with them, shout out to mark who expedite everything! I will definitely engage their services again if need be! Well done guys!

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We are the highest-rated ventilation contractor in Singapore with more than 500 reviews and a 4.9 star rating. We work with thousands of property owners, landlords, and tenants every year to repair, replace, and install ventilation fans in toilets, kitchens, and other spaces.

Our technicians are experienced ventilation fan experts and have worked on hundreds of ventilation fans.

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What are ventilation fans

Ventilation fans, also known as extractor and exhaust fans, are fans that are usually installed in enclosed spaces to extract stale and humid air from the room so that it can be replenished with fresh air.

What problems ventilation fans can solve

The following are the main problems you can solve by installing or replacing your ventilation fan. We also wrote an article about the importance of having a ventilation fan if you have the time to read it and want to learn more.

Before and after our mould remediation and ventilation fan replacement service.


Mould needs a warm and humid environment to thrive and reproduce, such as bathrooms and kitchens with poor ventilation. An exhaust fan expels humid air with ease and allows stagnant water on surfaces around your bathroom to evaporate in a shorter time to make it more difficult for mould to grow.

However, please note that installing a ventilation fan after you already have mould growing in your property will not reverse the mould growth. You can learn more about how to remove bathroom ceiling mould to understand the relationship between ventilation and mould.


A ventilation fan eliminates the discomfort caused by humidity in bathrooms after a hot shower and enclosed kitchens. By replacing the humid air with fresh air, your bathroom remains a comfortable environment, making the bathroom more bearable even after a steamy shower.

Stale air

Some spaces have such poor natural ventilation that it becomes stuffy and smelly for extended periods of time even when there is a window. An exhaust fan removes stale and unpleasant-smelling air many times faster than an open window.

What type of ventilation fans are there

There are inline, window, wall, and ceiling mounted ventilation fans. The type that you install depends on the layout of the space you are looking to ventilate.

Inline ventilation fan

Inline ventilation fans are mounted above a false ceiling and generally cannot be seen without looking into the space between the false and concrete ceiling through an access panel.

Window-mounted ventilation fan

Window mounted ventilation fans are generally mounted onto an acrylic board that is then mounted onto a window frame. Sometimes they are mounted directly onto the window. This is very popular in HDB flats and have become almost an essential item in new BTO units.

Wall-mounted ventilation fan

Wall mounted ventilation fans are more commonly installed in commercial and industrial properties to ventilate a room that does not have sufficient natural ventilation for occupants to comfortably stay inside of.

Ceiling-mounted ventilation fan

Ceiling mounted ventilation fans can refer to three different types of exhaust fans. One is a mounted on a false ceiling and extracts air through a duct, another is mounted on a false ceiling and simply blows air upwards without a duct, and the last is an inline fan described as the first type of ventilation fans a few paragraphs before this one.

Types of property and spaces you can install a ventilation fan

Find out which ventilation fan is most suitable for your type of space or property.


Read our homeowner's guide to toilet ventilation fans to find out what you need to know about the different types of ventilation fans available for different types of bathrooms.


Exhaust fans are best for commercial kitchens. While they can be installed in a home kitchen sometimes, it is usually more effective and a lot cheaper to purchase a good kitchen cooker hood than to install an exhaust fan.

Commercial spaces

Window and wall exhaust fans are usually installed in commercial spaces, but sometimes inline fans. These can vary from property so the best thing you can do is contact us so we can take a look and provide you with our recommendations.

What ventilation fan services we provide

We replace, repair, and install ventilation fans. Please feel free to speak with us if you are not sure which service you need. We are happy to help you understand ventilation fans so that you can make the right choice to solve your problems.

Ventilation fan repair and replacement service

Ventilation fan installation services

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