Ventilation Fan Singapore

Ventilation fans, also known as exhaust fans, make the air quality inside a room healthier and more breathable. Poor air quality can affect your physical and mental health, and even cause damage to your walls and ceilings when humidity is a problem. Good ventilation prevents these problems. We can help you with that!

For many years now, we have been helping homeowners install, replace, and repair ventilation fans of all types, mainly in their bathrooms but also kitchens and living spaces. We also work with businesses to improve the ventilation in their work spaces.

What services we offer

We repair some ventilation fan issues, replace most types of ventilation fans, and install new ventilation systems.

Ventilation fan installation Singapore

Ventilation fan repair Singapore

Where you can install them

We specialise in bathroom ventilation, but you can also install these fans in kitchens and other enclosed areas.

Homeowner's Guide to Toilet Exhaust Fans in Singapore

What type of fans are there

We install ceiling, window, and inline ventilation fans.

Homeowner's Guide to Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fans

Homeowner's Guide to Inline Mounted Ventilation Fans

Homeowner's Guide to Window Mounted Ventilation Fans