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If you need to install, repair or replace something electrical, our electricians can get it done at an affordable price. Read more about our available services below, or contact us now for more information and a quote.

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Repairs.sg takes care of the electrical in your property. All electrical services are carried out by our friendly, experienced and well-mannered electricians. Our electrical services are priced to be accessible and affordable, and there are no minimum job sizes. Whether you need to repair a single light, or want to rewire your HDB flat, we can help. Get in contact with our team through a quick phone call or a WhatsApp message for a friendly discussion and receive a complimentary, no-obligation electrical service quotation.

Our company offers a warranty for services provided, and we are certified by BCA, so you can count on us for long-lasting and quality electrical solutions. Our electricians are trusted by over a thousand homeowners across the island, and our commercial customers include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association, Puma, and many more. We also have a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) who assists with major electrical services, and electricity licensing for commercial locations.

When dealing with electricity, the electrical wiring and components should always utilise TÜV certified and tested wiring. Many independent electricians in Singapore use second-hand or uncertified wires for their own cost savings and higher profit margins. These cables usually deteriorate quicker and may not be able to handle high electrical loads, resulting in regular power trips and failed circuitry. In extreme cases, the wires may overheat when there is a high load, melting the insulation and creating a fire hazard. Our electricians do not do this, we only work with properly certified and tested cables to ensure our customers safety.

Chuen Siang Tay
This is my second time seeking Repairs.sg assistance for faulty lights & sockets. The team of Amos, Rasel & Nicholas arrived on time, and after understanding the issues, promptly got down to work and completed all repairs within 30-minutes. Rasel was particularly handy and meticulous with his works.I truly appreciate the team’s efforts to help me resolve the issues promptly and professionally. Thank you.
Rasel, Repairs.sg
Thanks Chuen Siang for your kind words and 5-star review! We are thrilled that you loved our electrical services, and reached out to us again to assist with your lights and sockets. :)

Jackie They
Great service, professional and really helpful in explaining and solving the electrical issues I have. Highly recommended!
Darrell, Repairs.sg
Thanks Jackie! We are so happy that you chose our electricians, and we deeply appreciate that you took the time to write us this review and recommendation!

Learn more about the different services our electricians offer by reading on below, and find our prices by navigating to the page of the electrical service you are looking for.

Installation Services Electrician Singapore

Electrical installation services is our most commonly requested service. Some electrical fittings which our electricians install daily are power points, switches, lighting, ceiling fans and water heaters. Whether you have these electrical fittings on hand and just need them installed, or need us to supply them as well, we can help you.

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Repair Services Electrician Singapore

Electrical repair services are required in many situations, and some of the more common electrical fittings that we repair are switches, power sockets, lighting, wiring, and circuit breakers. These repair services are generally very affordable, which is important to most people as they are necessary from time-to-time to upkeep a property.

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Lighting Repair Services Electrician Singapore

Light bulbs and tubes have to be replaced every few years when they fuse, but there are also many other reasons that causes a light to stop working. Lighting may stop working due to a fused filament, broken ballast, faulty wiring and a few other reasons. Our electricians can diagnose the issue and get the problem resolved at a reasonable price, contact us now.

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Lighting Installation Electrcial Services Singapore

Installing new lighting in a space is a great way to improve the aesthetic and functionality of a room. If you are looking to get new lighting installed at an affordable price, our lighting electricians can help. You do not need to already have the new light bulbs and fittings on hand, as our company is partnered with major lighting distributors. This means that we can get you beautiful light products at direct supplier prices, and have them installed professionally in your home.

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Circuit Breaker Power Trip Electrician Singapore

A tripped circuit breaker is a sign of an electrical malfunction within the circuit. Most of the time, it is nothing to worry about, and a simple reset is all you need to the lights back on again. However, there may sometimes be an overloaded or short circuit. In that event, it is important to get it repaired by an electrician as soon as possible as they are fire hazards. If you need professional assistance, get in touch with our Singapore electricians for a free quotation.

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Emergency Electrician Services Singapore

If you urgently need the assistance of an electrician, get in touch with us to ask about our electrical services. Our electricians carry over a hundred essential parts and tools in our service vehicles, and are able attend to emergency call-outs across Singapore if we are close by. Give us a call for immediate assistance and quote for your emergency electrical service.

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Rewiring Services Electrician Singapore

Rewiring is a delicate project and needs to be done by a professional electrician. As time goes by, your home ages and so do the components installed in it. Over time, the wiring could cause power trips, burning smells and cracked wires. These issues can lead to dangerous safety hazards if rewiring is not done. Arrange a complimentary onsite survey with our electricians to get a free quotation for the rewiring of your property. It is obligation-free, so whether you decide to proceed with our services or not is completely up to you.

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