Zames Chew

Zames Chew is the co-founder of and a dedicated technician whose journey in the field has been marked by continuous learning and practical application. His eight years of hands-on experience serving thousands of customers have equipped him with a rich understanding of customer needs, enabling him to provide solutions in air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical works.

His professional roadmap began with acquiring an Air-Conditioning Unit Installer Certification from BCA Academy. This certification enriched Zames with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to proficiently install air-conditioning units, ensuring a comfortable and safe indoor environment for residents and businesses. The certification also signifies his adherence to quality and safety standards, which are paramount in installations that interact with the exterior of buildings.

In his pursuit to offer a well-rounded service, Zames also secured a Builder Certificate in Plumbing and Pipefitting from BCA Academy. This certification honed his ability to install sanitary and water appliances in both residential and industrial properties. It provided him with a comprehensive understanding of plumbing systems, allowing him to ensure reliable and efficient water flow, which is crucial for the daily operations and safety of any establishment.

Presently, Zames is further broadening his technical expertise by attending the Licensed Electrician Preparatory Course at Singapore Polytechnic in the evenings. This rigorous course is tailored for experienced electrical workers aiming to deepen their understanding and practical skills in electrical installations. The course encompasses a wide range of electrical knowledge, from understanding circuitry to ensuring electrical safety, which is critical in preventing hazards and ensuring reliable electrical operations.

He sometimes share his opinions and the things he has learnt with publishers such as Channel News Asia and