Bidet spray installation and replacement service

Our plumber can install or replace a bidet spray in your bathroom and replace parts that might be leaking or broken.

We supply and install more than one hundred bidet sprays each year and can help you install one as soon as later today.

Send us a WhatsApp message or speak with us over the phone for more information or to book an appointment.

How much does bidet spray installation cost?

We can supply and install a stainless steel bidet spray at around $85 before transport if it is straightforward and does not require a new valve or vacuum breaker, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

What type of bidet spray products we can supply

We can supply and install chrome, stainless steel, and plastic bidet sprays, as well as both flexible plastic hoses and stainless steel hoses.

These products are WELS approved in accordance to the Singapore plumbing code where necessary and come default in silver. We can also supply and install gunmetal grey and matte black versions on request.

We use angle valves for new bidet spray installations

Most bidet sprays installed in HDB flats and older properties are connected to small ball valves. Ball valves are very difficult to operate because of its small lever and often get stuck in a fixed position when not used for a short period of time because they are not designed for constant use.

We use angle valves instead of ball valves. These valves are easy to operate and give you a good control over the maximum water pressure of the bidet spray. They are also designed to be used often and will not get stuck easily.

Singapore Plumbing Code of Practice

Hand held bidet spray (connected to a flexible hose) located next to a water closet must be installed with a check valve and vacuum breaker. The flow rate of the handheld bidet spray should not be more than 8 litres per minute.

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