Toilet bowl replacement and installation service

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We can replace your toilet bowl with a few models that we usually keep on hand in our storage facility. They include basic budget friendly versions, rimless designs, and those featuring advanced tornado flushing systems. Replacement services start at $500 including the toilet bowl and all necessary parts and labour. But prices vary based on the complexity and type of toilet you choose.

We also have toilet bowl repair services that can address issues with the flushing system and the water supply components such as flexible hoses, double check valves, and other valves.

What toilet bowls we can supply and replace yours with

Most of our toilet bowls come with additional features like dual flush mechanisms, which offer two flush options to conserve water, or coatings that help prevent bacteria buildup and reduce staining. They are also WELS Certified, meeting the mandatory standards in Singapore.

Whether you need a floor-mounted model, a wall-mounted option, or specialised versions like those with built-in bidet functions or child-friendly sizes, we have most of them on hand and ready for installation within short notice.

How we replace toilet bowls

The first step before we replace a toilet bowl is turning off the water supply to the toilet to prevent any leaks or spills during the replacement process. We do this by turning a valve located near the base of the toilet. Once the water is off, the next step is to flush the toilet to drain the water remaining in the tank and the bowl.

After draining the toilet, the next step is disconnecting the water supply line and unbolting the toilet bowl from the floor. Once disconnected, we lift away the old toilet and place it on a trolley. This requires some effort as most toilets are heavy and bulky and can be very dirty too.

Before installing the new toilet bowl, we clean the area around the pan collar—the fitting that connects the toilet to the drain pipe—to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks. We replace the pan collar when it is necessary whether due to a different rough-in distance or wear and tear.

Finally we set down the new toilet bowl and align it with the pan collar, then bolt it down securely with anchored brackets. When the toilet is fixed in place, we reconnect the water supply and turn the water back on to check for any leaks and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

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