Toilet Exhaust Ventilation Fan Repair Service Singapore

Posted on June 20, 2023

When your window, wall, ceiling, or inline ventilation fan in your bathroom has stopped working or has a problem, we can try to help you repair it. And if we cannot repair your exhaust fan, we can also help you replace and install a new unit.

Just send us an image of your ventilation fan and tell us a bit more about the problem that you are facing with it. We will then let you know how we can proceed from there.

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We have helped repair and replace hundreds of bathroom ventilation fans, but if you want to learn more about our repair service before you contact us, continue reading this article!

Key takeaways

  • The term 'exhaust' and 'ventilation' fan can be used interchangeably.
  • Not all fans can be repaired due to inaccessible or non-replaceable components, especially if the problem lies within the motor.
  • Replacement is often recommended for old, non-functioning fans as they may have rusted motors and heavy dirt build-up that are costly and difficult to repair.
  • Noise in exhaust fans can be due to dirt and rust build-up in the motor.
  • Failure to turn on can be caused by problems such as a shorted motor and damaged capacitor.

Wait, do I have a ventilation or exhaust fan?

In the context of a bathroom, the terms 'ventilation' and 'exhaust' fan are often used interchangeably. These bathroom exhaust fans serve to remove stale and humid air from the bathroom and bring in fresh air from outside, thus reducing the air pressure inside and creating a healthier environment. They can help to eliminate stale air, reduce condensation, and prevent mold growth, provided the bathroom is well-maintained.

There are three types of exhaust fans that are commonly used in bathrooms: Ceiling-mounted, window-mounted, and inline. The type you have depends on your bathroom's layout. Ceiling-mounted fans extract air into a series of ducts that lead to outside the property. Window-mounted fans blow air directly from inside the bathroom to the outside. Inline fans, which are installed in the middle of a ventilation line, can service one or more bathrooms and also lead air through a series of ducts to outside the property.

Can you repair my ventilation fan?

Yes, we can repair some ventilation fans. However, there are cases where some fans are not serviceable in the sense that the components are inaccessible and cannot be easily replaced. This is especially true when the problem lies within the motor. Regardless, we encourage you to send us an image and tell us about the age of your fan, as this information can help us make a more accurate assessment.

In that case should I replace it?

If your fan is old and has not been working for some time, it may be more cost-effective and efficient to replace it. An older fan might have rusted motors and heavy dirt build-up that will be expensive to repair. Additionally, even after repairs, an old fan may not perform at its optimal level. Replacing your fan can ensure that your bathroom's ventilation is efficient and effective, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment.

Why is my exhaust fan noisy?

If your exhaust fan is producing excessive noise, this can be due to a build-up of dirt and rust in the motor. If this is the case, we recommend replacing the old and noisy fan motors, as this will likely be more effective than attempting to repair them.

Why does my exhaust fan not turn on?

Failure of an exhaust fan to turn on can be caused by several issues, such as a shorted motor or a damaged capacitor. These issues can sometimes be resolved by replacing the faulty components. However, if your fan is old, it may be a better choice to replace the entire fan.

The exhaust fan repair process

Step 1: Contact us

To start the process, please send us an image of your ventilation fan and give us a brief description of the problem you are facing. This will help us to understand your situation better and decide on the best course of action. We can then let you know how we can proceed and provide you with a quote for the repair or replacement.

Step 2: On-site inspection

Once we have a better idea of the issue, we will arrange for an on-site inspection of your ventilation fan. Our professional team will take a closer look at the problem and perform any necessary tests to diagnose the issue accurately.

Step 3: Repair or replacement

Based on the results of the inspection, we will carry out a ventilation fan repair or suggest to replace your fan. If a repair is possible, we will fix the problem and make sure your fan is working correctly. If a replacement is required, we will help you choose the right exhaust fan and install it for you.

We can usually repair or replace the fan on the same day.

What's next

If your bathroom exhaust fan is not working properly, don't wait. Contact us today for an exhaust fan repair service and we'll help you fix it. Remember, a properly working exhaust fan is crucial for a healthy and comfortable bathroom environment.

WhatsApp us at 9070 6060 if you are ready to speak to someone or get more information about our toilet ventilation fan repair services.

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