Safety Grab Bar with Installation (Anti-Slip)

image of two nylon grab bars we installed in a hdb toilet

We are a repair, maintenace, and installation services company that can supply and install anti-slip metal and nylon grab bars and handrails in your bathrooms and other spaces. Contact us on WhatsApp or over a phone call to learn more or to book an appointment for a grab bar installation service.

Grab bars are an easy and reliable product that makes rooms more accessible to people who need additional support when they move around, especially in areas where the floors might become wet. Grab bars are excellent at helpling the elderly and disabled get around safely.

Our customers usually choose nylon grab bars over the stainless steel ones because they offer better grip and are not cold to the touch. And the nylon grab bars are just as strong, if not stronger, than the stainless steel grab bars. Because they are made of a solid stainless steel inner tube coated with thick high-density and anti-bacterial nylon.

Our handyman will install your grab bars with two to four large wall anchors at each point that can withstand heavy loads.

When you get your toilet grab bars from us, you save yourself time from having to engage a separate handyman for the installation, and you save money because we package the product with the installation together.

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Zames is the co-founder of and a skilled technician with seven years of hands-on experience serving thousands of customers in the field. He holds a builder certificate in plumbing and pipefitting and an air-conditioner installer's license. He is concurrently enrolled in the Licensed Electrician Preparatory Course at Singapore Polytechnic, attending classes in the evenings to pursue his electrician's license while co-managing the operations of during the day.