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Maintenance, repair and installation services trusted by hundreds of companies.

What is corporate and commercial services?’s corporate and commercial services caters to the repair, maintenance and installation needs of businesses and their clients. All services are carried out by qualified technicians and can be arranged to meet the unique requirements of your business. Altogether, our company has worked with hundreds of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations.

Our company has several service teams and multiple vehicles led by friendly, experienced and well-mannered technicians. If you would like to speak to our staff directly regarding our corporate and commercial services, please contact our staff through our contact page. Alternatively, you may also request a non-obligatory meeting with our technicians at your convenience here.

Please use the links below to navigate to the section that best suits the current requirements of your business.

For your workplace’s services allow you to provide your employees a safe and comfortable working environment that is well configured for efficient workflow. Proactively keep your lighting and electrical well maintained, and get broken outlets and lights replaced promptly and affordably.

Our services are available ad hoc with no minimum spend. The common services our company provide for offices across Singapore are:



For your stores and outlets

The smooth operation of a company’s physical locations is essential. Major electrical faults and problematic systems can result in a severe disruption of business. helps ensure that your stores and outlets are well-maintained, giving both your staff and customers a safe and welcoming environment that is optimised for smooth operations.

Our company has the capacity and flexibility to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a single location or a hundred, we are confident that you will find our company to be suitable provider of maintenance and repair services.

Our services are available ad hoc with no minimum spend. The common services our company provide for stores and outlets across Singapore are:



For your customers currently partners with businesses that sell products which require installation. Our team of professional and friendly staff can manage the assembly and installation of your products for your customers as your service partner.

By offering your customers the option of selecting an approved installation provider, you are able to value-add to your customers’ purchasing experience. Our historical sales data has shown an increase in customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat purchases when products are offered with an installation service.

Talk to our corporate sales team through one of our available contact methods here to start a discussion regarding a potential partnership between and your company. You may also arrange a non-obligatory meeting with our corporate sales representative at your convenience by visiting this page.

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